The Angel of the Day

Greenmount Cemetary

The angel of the day sits as stone

and cools her forehead against the gray of Sunday.

Someday, but not today.

She will rise up, stretch and yawn.

Someday, but not today.

She will raise up her hand from its languor,

cast her robes aside and show her splendor.

Someday, but not today.



Cleveland Protesters

In Cleveland, after the rain stopped.

We wanted something different, didn’t we?

When we were children, just learning the un-fairness of rules?

Didn’t we want something other than this?

Little Waterfalls

Grand Haven

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about friendship.

I have so many people in my life now to be grateful for,

which is kinda new.

Whether it’s the people or the gratefulness that were lacking,

I don’t know if I’ll ever know.

Do you?

12 Mile Beach Sunset

12 mile beach sunset

On the day of my birth

I sat on the inland sea

and watched the whelming waves

and the setting sun

from atop a shelf of rock

having not the first clue

what would come in the weeks after.

Time is funny like that.

Masquerade at midnight,

it is the mask and the unmasked,

anticipation and happening,

truth and occult.

Here’s a wave to those who’ve traveled through time with me,

and those who still do.